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mazaYk13 Strategy Process

Thirteen Steps

  1. Why now? Why outside help? What’s the pain point(s)

  2. The basics: revenue, employees, customer/members, geographies, markets, products, capabilities, culture, digital maturity, review any current strategy, mission, and vision documentation, check status of any current or recent past innovation initiatives

  3. Significant historical moments and or turning points

  4. Key outcomes desired? What’s different because of this work? What is at stake?

  5. Framing the mosaic: gain agreement on key strategic issues and the stakes 

  6. External view: Environmental, competitive and trend analysis

  7. mozaYk pattern Discovery and Prioritization

  8. Hone the vision

  9. Generate alternatives to achieve the vision -mosaic combination

  10. Select the best fit mosaic combination of alternatives

  11. Define 2–3 year outcomes

  12. Develop 3–5 12 month initiatives, teams and resource plans

  13. Schedule progress reporting, and begin implementation




Evaluate Current State

Identify Key Strategic Issues

Develop Alternatives

Align and Execute

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