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mozaYk13 Individual Coaching Process


Who you are - assessment

Why: future vision, what you want to become, or the outcome you’d like to see emerge?

What: hurdles, obstacles, constraints, cages

How: Action items: awareness, behavior, cadence (habits)



Performance ABC's (Awareness, Behaviors, Cadence)

First 30 days: Awareness

Focus: Assess current state, uncover any problems to address, and also reveal behaviors and thought patterns that are positive and should be expanded or emphasized. 

Touchpoints: One contact per week over four weeks

  • 1x60 minute initial meeting & assessment

  • 1x90-120 minute assessment review and initial in-depth interview/discussion

  • 2x30 minute awareness check ins

The first 30 days is focused on enhancing the individual’s awareness of their own responses, reactions, mental models, cognitive biases and behaviors in a variety of situations


The second 30 days centers on identifying and prioritizing behaviors to modify or enhance.

Second 30 days: Behaviors

Focus: Select the behaviors that we wish to adjust, modify or encourage more of

Touchpoints: One contact per week over four weeks 

  • 1x90 minute discussion to define, prioritize and select key focus areas

  • 3x30 minute weekly check ins


The third 30 days and beyond involves establishing a cadence of activities to establish new habits, and iteratively check in to make adjustments, or choose the next priority changes to address.

Third 30 days 

Focus: Establish a new cadence to develop new habits; evaluate (directional) progress, additional insights, and identify any new core habits that need to be developed. 

Touchpoints: One contact per week over four weeks 

  • 1x60-90 minute progress review meeting to assess directional progress toward initial goal setting objectives, review any relevant contextual changes, and discuss any needed adjustments

  • 3x30 minute weekly ABC’s check in - awareness, behavior, and cadence progress

After 90 days, move to monthly check ins: 30 mins plus longer quarterly check-in's as follows:

  • 180 day progress check in: 60-90 minutes

  • 270 day check in: 60-90 mins

  • 360 day progress review and annual future visioning and focus recast: 60-90 minutes

  • Year 2: Quarterly ongoing progress checks: 60-90 minutes

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