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There are three components to mozaYk13 (pronounced “moh-zey-ik thur-teen").


First is the concept of mosaic thinking. This means pulling salient input from multiple domains, diverse viewpoints, and multiple possible futures, and assembling them into a coherent and even beautiful whole where everyone can see the same picture.


Next is the number thirteen.13 is more than you expect. Some would focus on the negative connotations of the number in Western culture, but we’ve always liked it. It’s unique; it’s a prime number; and it implies the idea of a "baker’s dozen" which is getting more than you paid for -- which we strive to deliver for our clients.


Finally, the capital “Y" in the middle reminds our team to stay focused on the WHY. This why is both about our mission to provide value and serve clients with excellence, and to ensure that our strategic advice centers on helping clients stay focused on their purpose and reason for being.

Check out the What's in a Name section for more detail.

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