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Coaching Success Stories

Investment management firm partner

Highly intelligent individual contributor was struggling to adapt and learn new leadership behaviors to be effective under a new CEO. Over three months, this individual became aware of his destructive behaviors, and was able to modify his behavior in important ways, which led to improve his contribution as well as being better perceived by his colleagues and leaders

Title and abstract company CEO

When we began, this young CEO had minimal experience leading meetings or crafting strategic direction. Through our work together, her confidence grew dramatically and her natural leadership style emerged along with a powerful gravitas which had previously remained hidden. 

Industrial products manufacturing sales executive

Hard driving, competitive sales executive was struggling to build strong cross-functional relationships (with production and operations staff and executives) after he was promoted. Through our work together, he grew in awareness, became a better listener, and modified his hard driving style in ways that made him much more effective. For example he learned to apply his competitive intensity in more selective and nuanced ways, rather than being "pedal to the metal" all the time; as a result his relationships, his influence, and his overall performance dramatically improved. 

Technology services and hosting company CEO

After being acquired by a much larger investment and operating company, this leader needed to learn how to navigate a new dual role: as an operating company manager inside a larger conglomerate, and as the leader of his original team plus several other geographically distributed local teams. This effort was more about balancing personal, professional, and travel demands and alining the new mix of priorities than it was about behavioral change, and as a result of the effort was short and focused. There was also a significant strategic element related to clarifying the roles and hiring the right local leaders to manage day-to-day functions as this individual moved into more of a vision and oversight role. 

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