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  • Andrew Ranson

Get Your Innovation Teams Firing on All Cylinders with Action Inquiry

Updated: May 16, 2019

Have you ever read a book about business or leadership that made you pause every few pages to say to yourself, "Hey, I do that, but I never quite heard it explained that way." Well, I'm reading that book right now. It's called "Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transformative Leadership" by Bill Torbert and Associates. It's a book about self awareness, listening, consensus building, and ultimately mutual action that leads to organizational success.

Action Inquiry is a communication methodology that leaders can apply in three domains: personal awareness, effective speaking (not necessarily public speaking, but it also applies there), and ultimately organizational leadership. While the book is written in a bit of an academic style, it has multiple practical examples that help illustrate the approach. I'll go into more detail and break it down for you in a future blog post.

The Action Inquiry approach reflects the core philosophy of mozaYk13: listening, clarifying assumptions, assembling a coherent strategy, gaining agreement, and moving into effective action.

If you need help building momentum and gaining traction with your initiative teams and innovation program, please send me a note ( or set up a time to talk.

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